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Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association

Local I.U.P.A 6020


                                                                                                                                                     February 4thth 2020

To Scott Israel:

On November 30th 2019, the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association invited you to participate in a Town Hall debate set for March 16th 2020. The event would have provided you an opportunity to speak directly to employees of the Sheriff’s Office and more specifically, our Union members. Unfortunately, after providing sixty five (65) days’ notice to RSVP and one hundred seven (107) days’ notice to attend the debate, you have decided not to even respond to the invitation.

The Deputies Association clearly recognizes the significance of the 2020 Broward Sheriff election and how it will impact not only this Union, but all of the employees who work at the Broward Sheriff’s Office, and their families. Immediately after mailing / emailing invitations to all candidates, the Deputies Association began reaching out to the unions representing the Department of Detention, Child Protective Investigations Section, and Fire Rescue in order to include all 5,500 employees of the Sheriff’s Office in this debate. This would have been a great opportunity for you to speak directly to the men and women of the Broward Sheriff’s Office before their Unions make a decision on whom to endorse. All seven (7) Collective Bargaining Units within the Broward Sheriff’s Office will in some way, use this debate to decide who is worthy of their Unions’ endorsement.

To the extent that you have chosen not to RSVP or attend this event, it has sent a message to all of your potential employees, who also are your most immediate constituents; a message that is difficult to accept as anything other than intentionally disrespectful.


Jeff Bell


Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association Local 6020

900 South State Road 7, Plantation Fl. 33317 (954) 960-3257 Fax (754) 200-8802